How to ensure your loft conversion is eco-friendly

How to ensure your loft conversion is eco-friendly

How to ensure your loft conversion is eco-friendly

If you’re looking to convert the loft space in your property, it makes sense to work towards an energy-efficient solution. Loft conversions can easily be tweaked to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately save you money on your utility bills. With the world changing its focus on the environment and striving for energy efficiency, it’s more important than ever to minimise your own environmental impact.

Benefits of having an eco-friendly loft conversion

  • A reduction in your household utility bills
  • A reduction in waste materials during construction
  • More living space in the form of a new bedroom, bathroom, study etc
  • Additional comfort in your property
  • A potential 20% increase in your property value

Building a new loft conversion with recyclable materials is the first step in achieving an energy-efficient loft space – not only will this make your loft eco-friendly, but it will also do less damage to your bank balance!

Using timber instead of brick or concrete for your loft conversion walls is definitely more environmentally sustainable as it makes a fantastic insulation material and allows the room to ‘breathe’ thanks to its natural construction. Brick or concrete are obviously man-made materials and prevent good air circulation, making for a stuffy or humid loft space, especially in the summer months.

Whenever you choose timber for your loft conversion, make sure it’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – this is an international certification that means your timber is taken from a sustainable source, regardless of whether it’s from the UK, Canada, Scandinavia or elsewhere.

The most environmentally sustainable choice when it comes to your roof is to reuse the existing tiles you already have. If this is not possible, eco-friendly materials like rubber shingle makes for excellent alternative roof tiles.

If you utilise the most appropriate materials, you can usually bring your energy bills down quite considerably. Unfortunately, the cost of energy is always going to go up so investing in the very best energy-efficient loft conversion you can now, will pay dividends in the long term. Maximise your use of effective insulation, triple-glazed windows and intelligent ventilation wherever possible and reap the rewards later.

Add all of these tips together and you’ll have an eco-friendly loft conversion that will cut your energy bills and minimise your carbon footprint. Speak to our team directly on 0203 432 5269 for more information and guidance on loft conversions.

We are very conscious of all our extensions being as eco-friendly as possible and incorporate this into all of our extensions whether they be loft conversions or any of the many types of extensions we provide:

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