About Twickenham

Located in southwest London, on the banks of the Thames, Twickenham is popular for being the hometown of the popular English rugby. It’s located only 10 miles away from the centre of London and offers fascinating transport links to the heart of the city. Here you can find everything you want: from excellent schools to wide green open spaces, pubs, cafes, and independent shops. 

Of course, as it is one of the most desirable places to live in London, the house prices reflect it. The average house price for Twickenham equals £720000, and the renting prices vary between £1200- £1700 for 2-bedroom apartments.

There is a fantastic selection of properties, including the great detached family homes and comfortable studio apartments. It is no surprise that Twickenham is popular with everyone: young professionals and families looking for a fantastic urban lifestyle. The place has a strong sense of community, which contributes for more comfortable and better living. 

Twickenham also carries a lot of social and cultural values. Living here, you will often encounter various independent shops, pubs, weekly markets, and cafes. One of the most attractive places in the area is the Twickenham stadium, with a capacity of 82000 people. It’s a home for England’s rugby matches as well as events and music concerts of popular artists.

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If you love to walk and see the wildlife, Richmond Park is a great place for you. From Marbell Hill Gardens, you can take in the fantastic views of the Thames.

The crime rate is lower than the average of London, so it’s also a safe area. Overall, it’s a fantastic place to live and work, and our home extensions and loft conversions are the perfect way to expand and evolve your home.  

Here at The Market Design and Build, our reputation as loft conversion specialists and house extension experts comes from an extensive portfolio of case studies, over 700 positive reviews on, and our commitment to plan and refurbish your home, build your dream house extension or loft conversion in Twickenham!  


House Extensions and Loft Conversions in Twickenham

Why consider a loft or house extension in Twickenham?

At The Market Design and Build, we believe that you should move up instead of moving on! If you are after some additional living space or an extra little family member on the way, or you want a cost-effective way to add value to your home, a loft conversion is the best solution for you. With a few adjustments, you will realise that your new dream home in Twickenham is the one you already live in!

What type of loft conversion in Twickenham can I get?

We recognise and understand that different homes, goals, and dreams require other solutions. It’s essential to consider your intent to use your loft conversion space for and size before you go ahead and convert. 

We can build any type of loft conversion for you, including the three most popular designs:

– The rear dormer extends into a box from a sloped roof. 

– The Velux conversion retains the shape of your existing loft roof and installs Velux windows into the roof space. 

– The hip-to-gable conversion extends your floor and ceiling space by replacing a sloped hip roof with a standard flat gable roof.

We will help you understand which type of conversion is possible to meet your dreams and budget, making your dream loft conversion in Twickenham a reality.

Do I need planning permission to convert my loft?

The fact that loft conversions are considered ‘permitted development’, means you usually won’t need to obtain planning permission beforehand. But it’s always a good idea to check with your local Twickenham council before making any alterations to your home.

You mentioned adding value to my home in Twickenham? Is it really worthwhile?

A well-crafted, carefully costed, and expertly constructed loft conversion or house extension in Twickenham has the potential to add up to 20% to the value of your home! It’s as one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to add value to your home by the, so it’s worth looking at as an investment rather than an expense.

This all sounds fantastic! But I have no idea where to even begin – can you help me plan my loft conversion in Twickenham?

We here at The Market Design and Build are with you every step of the way with your loft conversion. From design and planning to construction and costs, right through to the final finishing touches, we strive to provide an excellent service with great avenues of communication. We will take the stress out of the whole process for you, planning the initial design based on your needs and vision while helping you remain within budget and still obtain the best possible value for money.

Are there other options to expand my home in Twickenham besides a loft conversion?

Of course, there are! A home extension could be your perfect space solution if a loft conversion isn’t possible due to different requirements. We at The Market Design and Build have a reputation for being professional house extension experts with a lot of experience and successful case studies behind us. 

Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team will help to create: 

– Side return extensions, which make use of disused space to the side or rear of your property 

– Kitchen extensions, which do exactly as you’d expect whilst adding value to your home! 

– Single and double storey rear extensions are perfect for expanding into your garden space and offering a solution for properties such as terraced houses, which do not have a side return.   

– Wrap-around extensions, that combine the best features of all those previously mentioned to create an impressive, L-shaped extension that can completely transform how you live in your home. 

Planning permission for home extensions in Twickenham is not always needed with recently relaxed laws that allow for a generous single-storey extension of up to six metres. However, we do have architectural-services to follow if this is required. Remember, we are here to help if you’re unsure about any planning laws and permissions!

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10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
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