About Pinner

Located in the borough of Harrow, Greater London, Pinner is one of the most attractive places to live in the city. It is so picturesque that it has been a shooting place for some famous movies like ‘The Theory of Everything’ about Stephen Hawking. The reason why it attracts this kind of projects is that the place is full of history and has a specific, medieval sense to it. Being just 25 minutes from the centre of London, it is a great place for people who prefer peace, but still need to be close to action. Green spaces in the area attracts not only the young families, but also single professionals who look for a strong sense of community. The average price for houses in Pinner equals to £639,101, which is relatively lower than that of London. 

Pinner has excellent transportation links to the centre of London. It’s on the Metropolitan line in Zone 5, and it’s 25 minutes from the Baker Street. From the 6th Zone, the train to Euston will take 40 minutes. The annual travel card prices vary between £2100- £2300. 

Pinner is also a great place for art lovers. For young families, Harrow Art Centre is a heaven as there are different activities to attend. These include comedy, ballet, keep fit classes, theatre clubs for children and much more. Here you will also see a great chain of restaurants like Prezzo, Pizza Express, Starbucks among the medieval buildings.

When it comes to the shopping centres, you will come across high street stores like Lidl, Clarks, Boots, and WH Smith. The area is full of local restaurants, but also there are Chinese restaurant Chikayan, and Italian restaurants Casa Mia and Black Pepper. Pinner is also famous for the quality of schools, like public school Merchant Taylors’ School and Northwood College for girls. The area delivers in all aspects of life: safety, education, entertainment, living costs and much more. It’s a perfect place to live and work, and our home extensions and loft conversions are the perfect way to expand and evolve your home. 

Here at The Market Design and Build, our reputation as loft conversion specialists and house extension experts comes from an extensive portfolio of case studies, over 700 positive reviews on Checkatrade.com, and our commitment to plan and refurbish your home, build your dream house extension or loft conversion in Pinner! 


House Extensions and Loft Conversions in Pinner

  1. Why should I consider a loft or house extension in Pinner?

    At The Market Design and Build, we believe we can change your mind from moving on to moving up! Suppose you’re after some additional living space, or a new bedroom for an extra little family member on the way. If you want a cost-effective way to add value to your home; a loft conversion is the right solution for you. Your new dream home in London could be the one you already live in! 

  2. What type of loft conversion in Pinner can I get? 

    We fully understand that different homes, different goals, and different dreams require different solutions when it comes to adjusting your house. It’s crucial to consider what you intend to use your loft conversion space for, as well as size, before going ahead and converting. 
    We can build different types of loft conversion, including the three of the most popular designs: 

    – The rear dormer, which extends into a box from a sloped roof. 
    – The Velux conversion, which retains the shape of your existing loft roof and installs Velux windows into the roof space. 
    – The hip-to-gable conversion, extending your floor and ceiling space by replacing a sloped hip roof with a standard flat gable roof. 

    We will help you understand which type of conversion meets your vision and requirements, making your dream loft conversion in Pinner a reality.

  3. Do I need planning permission to convert my loft?

    The answer is probably ‘no’, since loft conversions are considered ‘permitted development’. However, it’s always a good idea to check with your local Pinner council before making any alterations to your home, since many of the buildings around the area are medieval.

  4. You mentioned adding value to my home in Pinner? Is it really worthwhile? 

    A well planned, carefully costed, and expertly constructed loft conversion or house extension in Pinner will add up to 20% to the value of your home! It’s cited as one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to add value to your home by the Nationwide Building Society, so it’s absolutely worth looking at as an investment rather than an expense. 

  5. This all sounds great! But I don’t know where to even begin – can you help me plan my loft conversion in Pinner?

    We here at The Market Design and Build help you every step of the way during the process. From design and planning to construction and costs, right through to the final finishing touches, we strive to provide an excellent service with excellent avenues of communication. We will take the stress out of the whole process, planning the initial design based on your needs and vision while helping you to remain within budget and still obtaining the best possible value for money.

  6. What are the other options to expand my home in Pinner besides a loft conversion? 

    Yes, there absolutely are! A home extension could be your ideal space solution if a loft conversion isn’t possible due to structural or spatial requirements. We’re known at The Market Design and Build as professional house extension experts with plenty of experience and successful case studies behind us. 
    Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team will help to create: 
    – Side return extensions, which make use of disused space to the side or rear of your property 
    – Kitchen extensions, which do exactly as you’d expect whilst adding value to your home! 
    – Single and double storey rear extensions, which are perfect for expanding into your garden space and offering a solution for properties such as terraced houses, which do not have a side return.  
    – Wrap-around extensions, that combine the best features of all those previously mentioned to create an impressive, L-shaped extension that can completely transform how you live in your home. 
    Planning permission for home extensions in Pinner is not always needed with recently relaxed laws that allow for a generous single-storey extension of up to six metres. However, we do have a process to follow if this is required. Remember, we are here to help if you’re unsure about any planning laws and permissions!

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10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
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