The Benefits of Installing Roof Lights in Your Home

The Benefits of Installing Roof Lights in Your Home

The Benefits of Installing Roof Lights in Your Home

Rooflights are becoming increasingly popular as people search for exciting new ways to transform their homes. Not only are they attractive looking, but they also provide a range of other benefits.

When refurbishing, renovating or building a new home, there are many options to consider. You want to create rooms that are attractive, long-lasting and add value to your home. One of the latest trends in home building and design is the installation of roof lights, otherwise referred to as skylights, which are basically large windows fitted into your roof. Besides looking gorgeous and making your room appear bigger, what other benefits are there for having these installed?

Energy Efficient

Doing our bit to help save the planet is the responsibility of everyone and in a world where human actions have accounted for significant damage to the world, being mindful of how we take responsibility for the environment is important.

By introducing roof lights into your home, you will help cut your energy footprint, since they are an efficient way to light and heat a room naturally, which is not only good news for the planet, but also for your pocket!


Our homes are our sanctuary, which is why privacy is an important consideration for many people when designing their house, particularly if you live in a busy residential area. The angle and placement of roof lights can help solve this issue by preventing your nosy neighbours from being able to peer in, while still allowing a lot of sunlight into the room.

Health and happiness

Getting a good amount of daylight has been proven to increase happiness levels and improve mental wellbeing. It’s therefore probably no coincidence that people tend to feel cheerier in the summer months than in the winter months.

Moreover, there are several health benefits to natural light exposure, including higher Vitamin D intake, which promotes good muscle and bone health and boosts our metabolism. Daylight also helps us to regulate our body clocks and improves the immune system.

Good ventilation

A significant proportion of us will spend a lot of our time indoors, so having access to fresh, clean air is necessary. The Market Design & Build can easily install roof lights that open up to allow ventilation into the room. As warm air naturally rises, the stale air present in your home will escape from the building through your open roof light, helping make the space more habitable and the air fresher.

As roof lights become more and more popular we find that all types of extensions are looking to use roof lights in their designs. The Market Design and Build are experts in all types of extensions so can advise on their use in any type of extension.

If you would like to discuss roof lights for your home, contact our team of home extensions specialists now for more information.


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