Loft Conversions and Home Extensions in Kew

Loft Conversions and Home Extensions in Kew

About Kew

Kew Gardens, or the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, is considered one of the most spectacular collections of living plants. It is 330 acres long and is less than 30 minutes from central London. Richmond upon Thames, the local borough, is the best part of London to live in according to the survey from property websites for its safety, high quality of local services, and of course, its green spaces.

Kew is in the south of Gunnersbury and Ealing, west of Chiswick, north of Richmond and east of Brentford and Osterley. It is seven miles from the southwest of central London. Here you can see a mix of fine Edwardian and Victorian houses, and people love to have Kew Gardens on their doorstep. 

The borough also has Georgian houses, which are left from the time when wealthy Londoners saw the place as an escape. There are terraced, later, detached and semi-detached houses. In Kew, there is a strong community, and people love to look after their local shops and keep them independent. The borough has its local police force, serving for more than 150 years already. Although Kew Constabulary has 17 members, the borough is the third safest place in London, which concludes that the staff is doing their job quite well. 

The prices in Kew are relatively high, with an average price of £1.015.053 per property. But it is worth it when you consider the safety and beauty of the place. 

The village centre is located around the Kew Green Station where you can see a colourful flower stall and shop. There is also an independent bookshop, butcher, wine shop, teashop and much more. There are also two theatres and two cinemas, which attract the art lovers more to the borough. The area also has primary, private, and comprehensive schools, which enables people coming in here to start or continue their education from where they left.   

It is one of the most brilliant places to live in London, and with our home extensions and loft conversions, your stay will be even more enjoyable here.   

We are confident about our reputation as Market Design and Build, which comes from the extensive portfolio of case studies, the results of our skilful and expert staff members, more than 700 positive reviews on, and our main goal of transforming your house into something spectacular. We are determined to refurbish your home and build your dream loft conversion or house extension in Kew!  


House Extensions and Loft Conversions in Kew

What are the benefits of having a loft conversion or house extension in Kew? Why should I consider it?

If you are interested in changes in your property and you need additional space in your house, we advise you to move up instead of moving on! Having a loft conversion or house extension may turn the house you live in into the house of your dreams, without spending money on buying a new property in.

What type of loft conversion in Kew can I get? 

Tastes and needs are different, so we in Market Design and Build understand that you may have special desires with the changes in your property. That is why we offer you all the solutions, but you should also know the reason why you want this loft conversion space and what should be the size of it before choosing one. Among all the solutions we have, you can see the most popular ones below:- The rear dormer, in which we turn a sloped roof into a box form.   The Velux conversion, in which we install windows into the rafters while retaining the shape of the existing roof.  – The hip-to-gable conversion, the process that extends your property by replacing the sloping roof with a vertical wall.

Do I need planning permission to convert my loft?

 Usually, you do not need one as the loft conversions are considered “permitted development”. But to be 100% sure, you should check the laws with the local authorities to satisfy the building regulations in Kew.

What value does a loft conversion add to my property? Should I really try it?

We believe that you should see it as an investment rather than an expense because having a well-planned, efficiently executed loft conversion may add 20% value to the house you are living in! So, it is a brilliant and cost-effective way to add value to your house in Kew right now.

I have heard a lot about the loft conversions but do not know where to start. Can you help me with the planning step of the process?

Of course! That is what we do best: helping you out from the beginning to the finish. We will leave you without any stress via our services: initial design, planning, execution and final touches are all guided by us for your comfort. And we will do it for the best of your interest, needs, and budget.

What other options do you offer for my house besides loft conversions?

We at Market Design and Build understand that you may struggle with the loft conversions due to spatial and structural limitations. We are here to help you with the best alternatives, including house extensions and different versions of them. After seeing our portfolio of works and our team, you will be in no doubt that our team is created just for your needs.

Our highly expertise and top-quality team will help you out with the extensions below:   

– Side-return extensions, in which we will make use of the unused areas in your property by creating the infill of the passage to the rear and side of your property.   

– The kitchen extensions, one of the most satisfying changes you can make in your property while adding great value to it! 

– Single and double-storey extensions, which are the best choice for you if you want to expand your property into the garden. It is a massive solution for properties that have no side return.   

– Wrap-around extension, which is a combination of side return and rear extensions. It completely transforms the living space in your property by creating an L-shaped space!

In case you need planning permission in Kew to expand your house, we have a  for it to help you out.

Professional House Extensions in Kew

The Market Design & Build are not just specialists in loft conversions, we offer a great array of home refurbishment packages, including house extensions. Our knowledgeable and highly-skilled team can offer you years of experience to help create your perfect home in Kew.

Before we have even started working with you to make your dream a reality, our in-house team can arrange for a free, no obligation site visit to assess your home and provide you with all the information you need to create your faultless house extension. For examples of our loft conversions in Kew and completed home extensions in Kew, please visit our case studies page.

At The Market Design and Build, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our projects and design packages, with no deposit required and an initial inquiry just a phone call away. Let us plan and build your loft conversion or house extension in Kew and let you live and relax in your ideal home – Contact us today to arrange a consultation!

10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
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