About Chiswick

Located in West London, Chiswick is one of the most attractive districts where families can find the life of their dreams, for both children and adults. It borders South Acton in the north, Hammersmith in the east, and Brentford in the east. Its suburbs include Strand-on-the-Green, Bedford Park and Grove Park. Beside the River Thames, the area is full of Victorian homes. This suburb proves that you can have a brilliant life without being in the centre of London, and it is a favourite with many celebrities. There you can see Hogarth’s house, the residence for famous English artist William Hogarth. Also, Fuller’s Brewery- London’s largest and oldest brewery is in Chiswick, too. 

Chiswick is one of the first places you would love to live in when it comes to safety. The crime rates are extremely low, especially in comparison with the other suburbs of the city. The population in the area are generally young families, which makes the area more secure and calm in terms of serious crimes. The suburb has perfect travel links, despite being further away from the centre of London. M3, M4, and A40 make the suburb well connected and easy to navigate. From Chiswick to the centre of London is 20 minutes of travel by train. It takes the same time to go to Heathrow by car, so the area is well connected to the other parts of the city. 

The area is full of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes. It is a haven for coffee lovers, as Starbucks has a home in Chiswick. Also, you can taste different types of food from different countries. When it comes to the parks and green areas, Chiswick delivers in that, too. 65 acres of gardens alongside ponds, fountains, and vistas make the area unique for living. There are also great shopping centres nearby, the greatest shopping centre in Europe- Shepherd’s Bush is just a ride away. When you consider all the factors, Chiswick is the perfect place for living with its views, green areas, schools, family-oriented vibes and much more! And our home extensions and loft conversions will transform your house and life into something even more special.   

We at Market Design and Build are aware of our reputation, and we are confident about the quality of our work. You can look at our work’s extensive portfolio of case studies and more than 700 positive reviews on right now. We will help you to build your dream house in Chiswick according to your needs, desires, and budget!  


Loft Conversions and House Extensions in Chiswick

Why should I consider a loft conversion or home extension in Chiswick? 

Because the house of your dreams can be the house, you are living in! Instead of buying a new house, you can turn your property into what you are dreaming of. At Market Design and Build, we believe in having the best outcomes with what you have.

What kinds of loft conversions can I get in Chiswick?

Because human nature is complex and your needs and desires can be very different from the other people regarding your taste in loft conversions, we advise you to determine the intension and the size of the loft conversion first.   When it comes to us, we offer all the best solutions for you, including the famous 3: 
– Velux conversion, which is the process of affixing one or more – Velux windows to the roof to introduce light to the area.  

– The rear dormer conversion, which means the creation of more head height and floor space. It is an extension of the existing roof.  

– The hip-to-gable conversion, in which we extend up the hip vertically to create a gable.

Is the planning permission necessary to convert my loft?

Most loft conversions are allowed without planning permission in London, so you probably will not need one. However, you should still check with the local authorities to check if the property is considered untouchable or not.

What value will be added to my house in Chiswick?

Loft conversions are considered one of the most suitable and cost-effective ways to add value to your property. In fact, well-designed and well-executed loft conversion will add up to 20% value to your house in Chiswick!

For beginners who do not know what to start with, do you provide any help?

Of course! That is what we are working for: to be with you in every step you take and make sure that everything is done according to your needs and vision. It can be design, costs, construction, planning, or final touches- our team backs you up during the whole process.

Are the loft conversions the only way to expand my home in Chiswick? If not, what are the alternatives?

Other than loft conversions, the can be the perfect solution to expand your house in case you have issues with the former. We at Market Design and Build are professional house extension experts with great experience and successful case studies behind us.   

Our team will provide you with different home extensions, including:   

– Kitchen extensions, probably the most popular and most transforming house extension to your house 

– Side return extensions, the best solution for terraced or semi-detached houses and their dark, uninviting rooms 

– Wrap-around extensions that creates an L-shaped design by combining rear and side extension 

– Single and double storey rear extensions are a perfect chance for you if you want to expand into your garden space.

Generally, there is no need for house extensions for planning permission, but if you do, we have architectural services to help you out. Our goal remains the same: helping you with every single step and leaving you with no stress at all!  At The Market Design and Build, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our projects and design packages, with no deposit required and an initial inquiry just a phone call away. Let us plan and build your loft conversion or house extension in Acton and let you live and relax in your ideal home,

10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee
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