About Richmond

Being the only borough situated on both sides of the River Thames, Richmond is one of the safest places to live in London. It was selected as the happiest place to live in London for 6 consecutive years by an annual Rightmove study. Along with easy access to central London, it has vast parkland areas, and is a famous retreat for celebrities. No wonder the housing is quite expensive: average house prices are equal to £869,864, almost 30% beyond the average price in London. However, the place is not famous for its renters, so rent prices are suitable for most: £1869 for 2 bedrooms. Having Putney to the east and Kew to the north,

Richmond borough is famous for its open spaces. When it comes to the crime rate in the area, Richmond is a desirable place to live, with an average of 62 crimes per 1000 residents. It is 41% lower than the average crime rate in London. For the joggers, cyclists, and dog walkers, Richmond Park is like a haven on the weekends. For young families and their kids, the area is full of activities. The best way to get to central London is via a fast train to Waterloo. Including Waitrose and Tesco, there are quite a few huge supermarkets. Also, you can enjoy food shops with local foods in Richmond borough, like Spencer and Marks.

Overall, it is one of the most beautiful places in London to live and work. Once you have settled in there, our home extensions and loft conversions are the perfect way to evolve and expand your home.  

Here in Market Design & Build, we believe in our reputation as house extension experts and loft conversion specialists that comes from an extensive portfolio of case studies, more than 700 positive reviews on Checkatrade.com, and our dedication to plan and refurbish your home, build your dream loft conversion or house extension in Richmond! 


Loft Conversions and House Extensions in Richmond

  1. What are the reasons to consider a loft conversion or house extension in Richmond?

    In Market Design & Build, we prefer moving up to moving in! In case you need additional space for living or a new bedroom for an extra little family member, a loft conversion is a right solution for you. Your dream home in south-west London can be the one you live in now! 

  2. Which type of loft conversion in Richmond may I get?

    It’s understandable that different houses, different tastes, and different dreams require different solutions. So, we are here for this – giving you the various top solutions in loft conversions. But before that, you have to identify your intention of using your loft conversion space and its size before going ahead and converting.  
    We can build any type of loft conversion for you, including the most popular 3:  

    – The rear dormer, which extends into a box from a sloped roof. 
    – The Velux conversion, in which we retain the shape of your existing loft roof and install Velux windows into the roof space. 
    – The hip-to-gable conversion, extending your floor and ceiling space by replacing a sloped hip roof with a standard flat gable roof. 

    We will make sure you understand which loft conversion works for your house the best, so we can make your dream loft conversion in Richmond.

  3. Will I need planning permission to convert my loft in Richmond?

    You should know that loft conversions are considered ‘permitted development’. So, you probably will not need permission beforehand. But it’s a good idea to check with your local Richmond council prior to making any changes to your loft.

  4. What about adding value to my home in Richmond? Is it worthwhile?

    It surely is! Loft conversion is a perfect choice for you for 2 simple reasons: it’s quick and cost-effective at the same time. Perfectly constructed loft conversion or house extension may add up to 20% value to your house. It may be a perfect time for you to invest in your house.

  5. As I have no prior knowledge about loft conversions, will you help me plan my loft conversion in Richmond?

    Of course! We aim to be with you in every step you take in the loft conversion process. Throughout all steps: design, planning, construction, costs, and final touches, we will make sure that everything is of the quality you want. There will be no stress for you as we create the initial design based on your needs, desires, and budget.

  6. Other than loft conversions, what are the other options to expand my house in Richmond?

    We at Market Design and Build offer you home extensions in case you have difficulties with loft conversions due to spatial and structural requirements. We are known as professional house extension experts for our works in the past. We have plenty of experience and successful case studies that will make sure that our quality is as high as you want.    
    Our top-quality and knowledgeable team will help you to create:  
    Side return extensions, which are the infill of the passage to the rear and the side of your property. This infill will make use of the disused part of your property.

    The kitchen extensions, which may be at the top of your wish list. It adds value to your house by extending your kitchen, which is a significant transformation for your property! 
    Single and double-storey extensions, which are perfect when you want to expand your property into your garden. It also offers a great solution to properties that have no side return, like terraced houses.

    Wrap-around extensions, which combine both rear extension and a side return. It creates an L-shaped space, which can completely transform the living space you have 
    You do not always need planning permission to expand your house in Ealing with the recent laws. However, if you do need it, we have a process that will help you out on your way to add value to your property!

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