Architectural Services

Architectural Services

Dedicated Architectural
Design Team

The Market Design and Build is a leading architectural services firm in London. We work closely with you from the outset to help design and create the house of your dreams. Our highly experienced in-house team offers a turn-key solution, embarking on the entire project from start to finish.

As an architectural design services company, our architectural design team consists of Arb and RIBA registered architects, structural engineers and experienced architectural designers. Taking a dedicated approach to each project, we meet you face-to-face to talk through the step-by-step process, ensuring you are happy and that your needs are met throughout.

We carry out all of this while carefully adhering to planning permissions and building regulations.

Our team of dedicated professionals ensure that we complete every build on time, within budget and to the highest standard. We are passionate about what we do and we accept nothing but the best for our design and architectural services.

Our reviews speak for themselves, with over 1100 positive client testimonials to date.

Architectural Floor Plan



CGI is the use of computer generated images to create a visual understanding of your project. CGI provides an accurate idea of the space before you make it, and it allows us to work more closely with interior designers and architects also with our clients. The imagery gives a tangible idea of the spaces we work on so that we can all understand the vision for our projects. We use many comprehensive tools to bring up life, movement, and picturesque views to the image to make it look indistinguishable from reality. From our experience, the level of details carry out a crucial role in making a exterior CGI. At a request, we can add any details to a render, including specially designed lighting and shading, traffic, plants, and facilities. All this allows for the creation of photo realistic pictures that feel like classic photos of an actual object or project. We also do fly throughs with our CGI’s which also helps with our virtual reality aspect when clients come to try it.


Measured Site Survey

Our experienced designers will attend your property and take a comprehensive set of laser-accurate measurements and photographs. While there, we will have an in-depth discussion with you about the scope and possibilities of your project. These initial site surveys form the basis of our project designs.

Scope of Work

We can create a full scope of work encompassing various architectural services, which can be used to keep track of your project throughout the construction phase. It breaks down the build into a step-by-step guide to ensure everything is completed correctly and in the right order.

Initial Design Stage

We will create a full set of existing and proposed plans, sections and elevations for your architectural design project. These are a detailed set of architectural drawings that you can use for planning purposes and base your build costs on.


Our architectural services include the use of advanced 3D modelling software when creating your architectural drawings. This allows us to generate photo-realistic renders of exactly how the finished design will look and affords you unparalleled appreciation of our work.

Building Regulations

Once we have secured all the required planning permissions, we undertake your building regulations drawings. This serves as a full set of instructions in both written and visual form as to how we expect your project to be built. These technical documents include drainage plans, insulation specifications, minimum clearances and build ups of structure to name but a few.

Structural Calculations

Our in-house engineers will undertake a full set of structural load calculations, which will tell us exactly what foundations, steel and timber we need to implement to construct your project both safely and efficiently. This is a vital part of any construction project. Having in-house engineers allows us to work closely with them to create a structure which makes sense on-site as well as on paper.

Tender Documents

You may require further confidence that your quotes from other builders include absolutely everything you need. We can produce a tender document to complement our architectural design package for it. This includes a full bill of quantities to give you the confidence that no stone is left unturned when you receive a quotation.

3D Printed Models

Our state-of-the-art lab station is ready to produce a real-life scale 3D model of your design. These are always included in our architectural services design packages. They provide invaluable assistance in understanding some of the more complex elements of our projects as an architectural services company.

Construction Feasibility Report

Once you have a set of basic drawings, our build team are ready to step in and provide you with a fully broken-down construction feasibility report. This gives you the advantage and will allow you to tweak the design to fit your budget requirements without facing potentially devastating on-site design changes.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

Our Oculus virtual reality system allows us to give you a guided tour through your dream home before we even have planning permission! This cutting-edge technology provides a full appreciation for every design element and ensures that we achieve exactly what you want as quickly as possible.

Architectural Drawings

In order to guarantee the success of a project, it is important to take the time to plan effectively.

As part of our London architectural design services, our in-house design team can create a full set of professional architect drawings detailing every aspect of the build, allowing them to assess any potential improvements or highlight obvious issues before work has started.

An architecture plan drawing is typically used across the construction industry to document all areas of a build, from the laying of foundations to the positioning of windows. As all our teams are committed to working to our own high standards, these drawings are the perfect way of ensuring your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Professional Project Management

The main reason for the creation of these drawings is to demonstrate to you, the client, that our teams have a clearly defined, feasible build concept that can be delivered successfully and perfectly meets your requirements. They also allow us to make amendments early in the project, adding or removing features whilst still in the design phase. Without the initial assessment of these drawings, it may be too late to make changes when the build has started – and this is definitely something we want to avoid as it can cause scheduling delays and additional expense.

It is also important to remember that although these architectural drawings can take time to change, especially if the required amendments are significant, but this is infinitely quicker than making changes ‘on the fly’ when construction work has already begun. All building projects rely heavily on their planning and drawing stages, which is why we have created our revolutionary Six Step Process to guarantee a straightforward, organised construction.


The Market Design and Build Team

Our Office

Our high street office is the base for all our operations. This means we have one central location in London where our build and design teams regularly come together. Our experienced project managers, build estimators and skilled builders utilise our purpose-built design studio, giving all our projects a level-headed focus from conception through to production. This means that you can expect direct input from our construction teams, which will feed into your designs to hit the balance between conceptual design and practicality perfectly.

Virtual Reality

Our virtual reality suite is the feather in the cap of our design studio. It allows us to completely immerse you in your dream home before you have laid a single brick. You can ‘walk through’ your new open-plan kitchen extension, climb the stairs into your loft conversion, or step out into your garden room. There is no better way to experience your ideas other than building them!

virtual reality home
3d printing lab station

Our Lab Station

Our 3D printing ‘Lab station’ allows us to produce three levels of your property simultaneously, offering a rapid prototype system that we can use for every draft of your designs if required. This will give you a design development experience that can be held in your hand and understood instantly by every member of the family. Not everyone can appreciate a complex set of architectural drawings, but with a real-life 3D model, it is clear to see what the desired outcome will be.



Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation phase, we will meet you in your home or at your office and discuss your project needs and requirements. We will give you some initial design thoughts, outline our range of services and go through the anticipated timelines and costs. We will then provide you with a design feasibility report, which is completely free of charge.


Survey and Initial Design Stage

After you have agreed to our fee proposal, we will arrange to visit and carry out a measured survey of your premises. We will then prepare some sketch designs, showing you the different options regarding your project. This step may involve several meetings, during which the design evolves and is eventually agreed upon. We will provide you with a full set of architectural drawings within approximately 20 working days of our site survey.


Planning Permission

Once you have agreed on the outline design, we will prepare drawings for submission through our planning Portal Account to the appropriate planning authority. During this stage, and depending on the nature of your project, we may also prepare computer graphics and animations to enable you to visualise the outcome of your project. This process takes approximately 8 weeks, depending on the type of application.


Building Regulations Drawings

Once planning approval has been obtained, we will prepare your building regulations drawings for submission. These include specifications of materials, details of construction build-ups and information regarding thicknesses and sizes. Essentially, the building regulations plans are a detailed set of instructions, depicting precisely how the project should be built.


Structural Calculations

In parallel with your building regulations drawings, our engineers will undertake a full set of calculations to specify steels, timber, concrete and other structural elements. These two processes take around two weeks to complete and are essential for your building works to commence. These documents will allow you to obtain accurate prices from any builder.


Tender process

Our construction estimation team can now prepare the documents which make up your detailed project quotation. This pack will contain a full breakdown of the works we will undertake, itemised pricing, timelines and any exclusions.


Contract administration

Once you have selected your contractor, we will inspect the works on-site, ensuring they are undertaken to the highest quality, within budget and on time. At the end of the works, we will help you obtain a certificate of completion from your local authority.