Which style of loft conversion is right for you?

Which style of loft conversion is right for you?

Which style of loft conversion is right for you?


Are you contemplating a loft conversion in London and definitely need that extra living space, but are unsure as to which type of loft conversion is right for you? The Market Design & Build are here to help!

Whatever the purpose of your new living space, it’s important to consider which style of loft conversion is most appropriate. This is absolutely crucial as it will not only dictate the amount of new space you’ll have, but also how the conversion will change the look of your home from the outside. That extra bedroom, new bathroom or private study are all within reach – you just need to pick the most appropriate option for your needs and your property.


Dormer loft conversion

This is usually one of the most popular loft conversions, especially when it comes to properties in London where style and design are as important as function. This type of loft conversion usually doesn’t require planning permission and can provide up to an extra 50 cubic metres of additional space – making it ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms where height is important.


Hip to Gable loft conversion

This is the perfect choice if your home has what is known as a ‘hipped roof’ – this means it has sloping faces on all sides. This type of loft conversion transforms the hipped end of the roof into a gable roof, maximising the space inside and creating an extra large living area.


Mansard loft conversion

If you’re keen to go for the maximum space available, perhaps for more than one room or a bedroom with an ensuite for example, a mansard loft conversion may be the one for you. It will change the structure of your roof to make each side almost vertical, which also makes it great for windows or even Juliet balconies. The down side with this type of conversion is you’ll likely need planning permission first.


Velux loft conversion

A less drastic option is simply to choose a Velux loft conversion. This doesn’t change the structure of your roof in any way and simply adds windows where possible. This can be a great way of giving yourself that extra space for an office or spare bedroom without the costs of roof restructuring, even if it doesn’t really make use of all the space available.

Our team have experience in creating all four of these loft conversion styles, so get in touch today for more information and guidance on which conversion is right for you. Contact us directly on 0203 432 5269 and speak to our team.

The Market Design & Build are one of the leading London based home conversion companies and have successfully completed over 700 projects to date, including roofs, loft conversions, refurbishments and new builds. With no deposit required and a 10 year guarantee on all work completed, contact us today to arrange a consultation.


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