Top tips for successful loft conversions

Sometimes moving home isn’t always the answer. If you’re desperately searching for more space in your home, a loft conversion could offer the ideal solution.

  • Some properties immediately lend themselves to loft conversions. If you believe your home’s loft could be more useful as living space than storage, you could enjoy the benefits of an additional bedroom or bathroom. This will not only make it more liveable but also more valuable if you do decide to sell later down the line – especially if you can squeeze both in.
  • A typical loft conversion can be expensive, but the majority are affordable depending on the size and type of conversion you are looking for. The more simple loft changes can just involve the installation of skylights, leaving the roof shape unchanged. However, the more complex conversions may require additional head height which is only achievable through building out the roof.
  • In an ideal world, a loft is considered ‘convertible’ if the main space stands at least 2.3metres high – meaning the steeper the pitch of your roof, the better it will be for a loft conversion. It is a good idea to get up in your loft and walk around where possible, as this will give you a physical impression of how much space you’re working with and if there isn’t suitable space for a larger more complex conversion. Rebuilding a roof is an option, but this is obviously a more expensive route to go down.
  • Don’t forget to figure out where your staircase would go – if this would fall inside a bedroom, for example, it may not be cost-effective to convert your loft. Spiral staircases can offer space-saving alternatives but are not always practical for everyday use.
  • You may sometimes see houses for sale that are advertised with a ‘loft room’ rather than a bedroom in the loft. This is usually because the converted space does not comply with building regulations, but this doesn’t mean changes can’t be made to make it a safe liveable area. The building control department of your local council will be able to advise you as they are the body that enforces building regulations.

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