Interior Design FAQs

Interior Design FAQs

Our company has many different individuals who make up the Interior Design Team; they all have specific roles and together are at hand to cater for your needs. Initially we begin by giving you an insight into our services, including how we operate, which can be seen through our comprehensive design and build case studies.

We may ask you a lot of questions about the project – this is in order to gain a better insight into your specific needs and to understand what you are attempting to achieve, however we will take this to the next level by attempting to exceed your expectations.

From here we will do an evaluation of the establishment, which involves taking measurements and capturing photos. This will allow us to organise everything and be fully prepared as soon as you are ready to begin. By this point, we would have obtained enough information for us to understand the different tasks required, as well as break each stage down for you in a step-by-step guide. We would have acquired an understanding of the different materials required, such as furniture, including the different sizes and quality of products available.

Before leaving we will provide you with our company pack – this contains all our contact details, giving you the opportunity to call or email us with any enquires or to book a meeting.

Although we can recommend qualified professionals, we advise you research what suits you - this involves choosing colour schemes, furniture styles, as well as how you would like the layout. Think about the sort of colour style and effects you can imagine your household, and also your likes and dislikes.

We always advise that before contacting us, you do your own research to gain a basic understanding of what your requirements may be, however if you need further help in understanding certain aspects, we can assist you.

We are an independent company therefore we are not tied to one particular supplier. This benefits you as you get a vast range of designs all at a competitive price. Our interior designers can also offer advice and make recommendations on things such as furniture, styles or layouts.

Our speciality is working on residential projects, however we have undergone numerous commercial builds. Our interior designer team work on a variety of projects from flats to bungalows, and we can help re-arrange the layout of your room for you. This can be done to make better use of the space, helping you create your perfect bedroom.

Our interior designer collaborates with you to find the appropriate design solutions, working with you every step of the way to meet your specific needs. They can offer their input and advice on specific aspects of the design if you would like, but their primary role is to provide support and knowledge when you are creating your new space.

We offer an hourly design fee and a mark-up on any product that our designer purchases - this is because a great deal of time is spent on producing purchase orders. Our designer’s time is spent on coordinating deliveries and generally ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly. The mark-up covers this entire process and assures the clients’ peace of mind as well as the fact that their needs are met.

Our designers work with many unique styles we can recommend to the client. However, the client can work with the designers to create their own signature style. We are happy to assist you as a consultant so that you can use us for the entire process, or simply for consulting and advice, allowing you to make your own purchases.