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1st November 2019
Seasonal Interior Design Changes You Should Consider For Your Loft

Seasonal Interior Design Changes You Should Consider For Your Loft

Read on as we suggest several seasonal interior design changes you should consider for your loft.

Using the seasons to inspire your home refurbishment and interior decorating can be a great way to change up your loft and keep it looking fresh. Seasonal decorating can be an inexpensive way to completely transform the atmosphere of the space, making it feel like you are in a completely different room.

Switching your interior design over - using inspiration from nature and the changes of the season - can instantly make your loft feel different and more welcoming. Should you not wish to change the look of your loft completely, you can simply inject a touch of seasonal on-trend colours, shapes or objects.

Each season comes complete with recommended colours, materials and textures. So planning which decorative pieces complement each other will depend on what type of space you have turned your loft into.

Read on as we suggest several seasonal interior design changes you should consider for your loft.


Spring is typically a fun season for interior design, as you can play with bright colours, pastel shades, and floral prints. It is the season you see the biggest contrasting change in colour, compared to the more muted tones of winter.

If your loft has a window, changing the curtain or drapes to ones which are brightly coloured and made from a lightweight material, is a good way to let more light into the room and adds a seasonal touch.

Adding a pale wood element in your loft space will give it a touch of contemporary sophistication and minimalism. Using bamboo textures for blinds, for example, is a great way to bring the ‘inside out’ element to the room. Typically, having ‘lighter' materials, in general, is recommended during springtime, so having lightweight cotton, silk or even lace materials and textures is a good way to integrate the spring season into your loft interior.


Cool tones like blues and greens, coupled with a pop of contrasting brightness, such as orange or yellow, make for the perfect transition from spring to summer. As the weather gets warmer, you will want to consider changing the materials in your loft, in order to make it more refreshing and suited to warmer weather.

Additionally, adding plants as a centrepiece, or displayed along your wall, will add that touch of green to your interior - not to mention the health benefits of having plants in an indoor space. If you don’t have a green thumb, investing in fake plants is a good compromise. Alternatively, using palm leaf print wallpaper, or even having the print as a framed poster, will add a tropical touch to your loft and bring the summer vibe into the room.


Once autumn hits, lightweight materials should be swapped for the likes of velvet, suede, leather and even sheepskin. Having these textures will allow the loft space to feel warmer and more welcoming, as the temperature gets colder.

Metallic tones, such as gold, bronze and rose gold, are typically associated with the autumn season, as it embraces the natural colours of the fall leaves. Repainting your loft to a more autumnal colour palette, such as burgundy, amber, charcoal grey and black, and adding accents of metallic, is a sophisticated way to introduce the seasonal changes, without being too over the top.

If you have turned your loft into an extra bedroom, having a variety of soft furnishings, such as wool throws, fluffy rugs and velvet pillows, is an effective way to add some elements of layering, which adds comfort to the space. Additionally, using a mix of textures and materials helps differentiate between the layers.


During winter, dark, rich, cool tones, and silver or gold metallic finishes, are more favourable. Having a monochrome colour palette is also an effective way to shift to the winter season, as it creates a cosy and clean approach to the interior design of your loft. Incorporating black furniture, such as an ottoman or chaise lounge, adds to the decadent feel that is usually associated with wintertime and the festivities.

On the other hand, opting for a neutral colour palette adds a touch of sophistication, and is more suited for those wanting a contemporary ambience in their loft. Having a lighter shade of grey or beige and contrasting this by having dark wood furniture or decorations, is a great way to create a timeless design in your loft.

Incorporating heavy fabrics, such as chunky knits and wool, on the bed or sofa in your loft can make it more suitable for the season, as it is adding to the overall effect of layering up to make the space appear more warm and cosy.

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