How To Add Value To Your Home In 2022

How To Add Value To Your Home In 2022

How To Add Value To Your Home In 2022

Is your home worth as much as it could be? Whether you’re increasing the value of a property to work your way up the property ladder or making a new house your dream home, you can significantly increase the value of your home without pouring a lot of time or money into it.

If you’re interested in adding value to your home in 2022, read on to discover the best changes you can make to your property, from minor fixes to major projects.

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Redecorate Your Home | Install Double Glazing | Install Bifold Doors | Improve Your Property’s Kerb and Garden Appeal | Create a Parking Space | Remodel Your Kitchen | Add a Bedroom | Convert Your Garage Into a Bedroom or Living Space | Convert Your Loft Into a Bedroom | Convert Your Cellar Into Another Room | Add Another Bathroom | Remove a Wall For Open Plan Living | Add a Home Office | Increase Light and Living Space in Your Property With a Conservatory | Extend Your Kitchen Into The Side Return Of Your House | Split a House Into Flats

Redecorate Your Home

It might seem like a speedy fix, but any amount of redecorating will add value to your home. Redecorating is the easiest and cheapest option on the list, as it doesn’t require planning permission and can be done on almost any budget. If you’re looking to sell your house, freshly-painted walls will always increase kerb appeal and can even attract higher offers.  

Install Double Glazing

Double glazing is one of the most effective ways to add value to your home. If your home is a newer build, it may already have double glazing, but plenty of older houses in the UK do not. The two panels of glass used in double glazing mean that it is considerably harder for heat to escape and prevent cold air from coming in, reducing heating costs and making your home more energy-efficient.   

Install Bifold Doors

Adding glass doors to your home can increase the value of your property by up to 10%. Particularly suited to more modern houses, bifold doors can span several metres, creating a large doorway that makes your home more accessible and helps to make it feel brighter and more airy.

They tend to be incredibly well-insulated, since they are almost always to double or even triple glazing. They also usually have multi-point locking systems as a core feature, making them incredibly secure.  

Improve your property’s kerb and garden appeal

Garden spaces are rare in urban areas of the UK, so make sure you make the most of what you have. A well-kept garden with a deck or patio can improve the appeal of your home and demonstrate the value of your property as a family home. A shed or a summerhouse, especially when designed as an additional room, can dramatically add value to a property.   

First impressions are essential when selling a property, so improving your home’s kerb appeal by redecorating can really increase value added, especially for the front door and immediately-visible window frames and window sills. Ensuring that any metalwork visible on your property such as on fences, balconies and juliet windows is in good condition is also a great idea. Make sure that none of it is rusting, corroded or bent out of shape and that any coating is shining and smooth, and your property’s kerb appeal will see a great improvement.  

Create a parking space

If parking in your neighbourhood is at a premium, then a front garden may not be the best use of your space. Paving over part of your front lawn can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home, especially in urban areas. You will usually need to check with your local council to confirm that you will not need planning permission. 

In most cases, unless your home is on an A or a B road, permission will not be necessary, but it’s best to be sure, especially if your property is a listed building or is in an area with strict regulations. You will also need to comply with your local authority’s regulations on lowering the kerb.

This may not be a helpful idea in a slightly more rural area, as parking can be much more common, and a lush front garden can dramatically increase kerb appeal. However, this can be one of the most lucrative home improvements you can undertake in urban areas. It is also visible from the front door, making it a great pull for buyers.  

Remodel your kitchen

Kitchens are often the first room you will see on walking through the front door. An attractive, convenient kitchen is a major draw for potential buyers and can be something for which they are willing to pay more. On the other hand, an outdated or impractical kitchen might be something they are looking to renovate, leading them to offer a lower price to justify an expensive remodelling process.  

If you are on a budget, simply replacing or even repainting cupboard doors can improve the look of your kitchen. Good lighting and spacious, clutter-free surfaces can also make a great impression.  

If you have a more substantial budget to spend, it might be good to look into installing a kitchen island or a large dining table. With many people nowadays preferring to use a dining room as an office or living space, having a convenient surface available to eat at can impress potential buyers.   

If you are looking at selling your house with its appliances, investing in energy-efficient appliances can also attract potential buyers, since they tend to have lower running costs and are better for the environment. Appliances such as ovens with built-in microwaves can also impress since they save space and money.  

Add A Bedroom

Whether it is by adding a wall, investing in a loft conversion, or simply repurposing a disused living or dining room, designating another room as a bedroom in your property can add value to your property. Re-using existing space is the most cost effective option, but usually only a choice in more spacious houses. If this isn’t an option for you, we explore other ways of adding a bedroom below.  

Convert Your Garage Into A Bedroom Or Living Space

If you have access to off-road parking spaces and a garage but don’t often use the space to house a car, it could be repurposed as another room.  

A garage conversion can increase the value added to your property by up to 15%. You should first check that your garage is suitable for conversion and that there are no planning permission restrictions that could affect it. In many cases you won’t need to apply for planning permission, since it will usually be classed as permitted development, but always check with your local planning authority.  

However, a garage conversion will always need a building regulations inspection to ensure the garage structure is sound. Whether you choose an inspector associated with your local council or an independent inspector, they will have complete working knowledge of the relevant regulations and will check that the key areas of your garage conversion such as drainage, electrics, walls and the roof comply with them.   

A garage conversion can make an excellent new living room, bedroom, studio, office or even a self-contained annexe that extends your property’s potential.  

Convert Your Loft Into A Bedroom

A loft conversion is a relatively simple way to add value to your home, especially since most loft conversions are considered permitted developments, thus avoiding planning permission complications. Loft conversions are most beneficial in adding value if you use them to add an extra bedroom and ensuite bathroom. This can transform a smaller house into one fit for a family, and the increased square footage can add significant value to your home.

You should contact an architect or a builder before embarking on your project to ensure that your conversion will be structurally sound. It’s also worth getting to grips with the range of loft conversions available. Many options are available starting from a simple roof light conversion, which uses the space you already have but aren’t utilising, thus needing the least amount of structural work. It is the most cost effective choice for a loft conversion.   

A more expensive option is a mansard conversion, where one or both slopes of a roof are replaced with a new structure. This construction typically includes steeper sides and a close to flat roof, which allows you more square footage. This is a great way to add a lot of space and therefore value to your property. It is worth considering who is most likely to use your extra bedroom. Loft conversions can require steep stairs to allow access without taking up too much space from the floor below, meaning that accessibility could be challenging for the elderly, the very young, or those with mobility problems.

We have years of experience in taking on and overseeing loft conversion projects. Our dedicated management teams ensure every aspect of the build is considered to make your renovation simple.  

Convert Your Cellar Into Another Room

Cellar conversions can be one of the easiest home improvements to undertake and one of the best ways to add value to your property. You will not need to apply for planning permission, since they are qualified as a ‘change of use’ for planning purposes. The exception to this is any change made to a listed building, which will require you to to contact your local planning authority.   

A cellar conversion can be a beneficial space which you can convert into anything from a bedroom to an office to a studio or living room.   

It might be that you don’t have a cellar, but are open to some more extensive building work. It is increasingly common to dig down below your property to add valuable square footage to your home. However, keep in mind that this is a much bigger project than simply converting an existing one. You will need to check the suitability of your property before embarking on the project.  

Building a new basement room can result in a far more convenient and accessible addition to your home than repurposing an original cellar. Existing rooms may have staircases and access points in unhelpful places, while building new ones gives you more control in your home.  

It is vital to get the right team on board to ensure your project goes smoothly from excavation to waterproofing to maintenance. Our teams will always work with you every step of the way and have all the experience necessary to make your build perfect.  

Add Another Bathroom

Adding another bathroom to your property can make it more suitable as a family home, increase accessibility and make it a much more desirable property. Particularly in the case of an ensuite bathroom on the ground floor, another bathroom can make your property suitable for those who struggle with stairs. A new bathroom can be an expensive investment, but can really add value to your property.   

If you are renovating on a budget, you can keep your renovation cost effective by: 

  • Keeping your current plumbing installations in mind and linking your new bathroom in with your existing pipe networks and water inlets to avoid extensive, expensive plumbing work to your property.  
  • Installing electric toilets: they are a great choice and can be installed almost anywhere in your house with little effort, although it’s important to pay attention to how waste water will link up with the existing sewage pipes in your network — it could mean installing new pipes within your house. 
  • Choosing a framed shower enclosure: this is usually cheaper than an unframed enclosure, such as a specially designed wet room or a walk-in shower.
  • Choosing a shower with exposed pipework: this also tends to be cheaper, as it avoids the costly process of concealing pipes in the wall. 
  • Choosing floor-mounted toilets and basins: they are cheaper than wall-hung installations, since renovators will need to conceal cisterns and brackets for these within walls. 
  • Choosing a bathroom suite in its entirety: this is usually cheaper than buying individual pieces, as you can get package discounts, and also guarantee continuity in your bathroom.  
  • Choosing plain, white installations: coloured suites can quickly seem outdated.
  • Keeping an eye out for seasonal sales, as they are often great ways to add value to your home through updating and adding to your bathroom without a large price tag.  

Remove A Wall For Open Plan Living

Removing an internal wall to allow for an open plan kitchen and dining or even kitchen and living area is a great way to add value to your home. It can cost as little as £3,000 and add significant value: you can even add up to £50,000 onto your total selling price as it creates a communal, airy space which is perfect for a family. Most importantly, it is a relatively cheap and straightforward project that builders can complete quickly without drastically affecting your living space.

Open plan living spaces also allow for easier adjustment of the use of your square footage. By choosing an open plan layout, you can give potential buyers the choice of dividing the space up as they wish, which, for many, is a significant pull to buy.   

Add A Home Office

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been working from home full-time or have chosen a hybrid working arrangement.   

Adding an office to your home, or at least designating a clear space that can be used as an office, can add value to your home and increase its appeal.

There are multiple ways to add a home office to your property:

A loft conversion to add value

As mentioned above, a loft conversion can be a simple home improvement and works well as an office, especially as a separated space from the rest of your home, helping with work-life balance.   

A garden studio in your home

A basic summer house or garden room can be incredibly cost effective at as little as £4,000, and more expensive installations such as outdoor home offices with electricity, a wifi extension, a sturdy structure and good insulation really add value to your home.   

An extension to your home

If your budget can extend to one, an extension can feel like a much simpler choice in terms of wiring, convenience and security.  

Our architects and builders can help you create the perfect extension to your home or outdoor building. The latter can even appeal to those not looking for a home office: a well-built garden room could also serve as a bedroom or outdoor living room, and external offices are often visible from the front door, adding to the kerb appeal of your property.  

You will find details on different types of extensions on our website:

Increase Light And Living Space In Your Property With A Conservatory

With so many older properties in the London area feeling dark with their small windows, a conservatory can transform your home, expand your living space and make your property incredibly desirable.  

A fully glazed conservatory can make you feel like you are sitting among nature in your own living room. The style of conservatory you choose should reflect the existing style of your home, but there are a range of options available. A surprising benefit to a conservatory is a decrease in your heating bills. Double glazing is the minimum standard permitted by building regulations, meaning that any light and warmth coming into your house is trapped and keeps you toasty. It is a very eco-friendly option for an extension.

There are plenty of other options for glass choices: from solar control glass, allowing you to control how much light enters your new room, to self-cleaning glass, which will keep your extension looking sparkling and new, you can choose whatever will best suit the style of your property. Adding a conservatory is usually considered permitted development, provided you meet various limits and conditions. However, building regulations are a separate matter, and you will need to contact a building regulations inspector.   

Extend Your Kitchen Into The Side Return Of Your House

Many houses in the UK are built with narrow alleys running adjacent to the kitchen, particularly in a terraced or semi-detached house. These are known as side returns. Extending your kitchen into this alley can add square footage, improve the layout of your kitchen and can even transform a smaller house into one suitable for larger families, especially if you combine an extension with a new open plan layout.

Side return kitchen extensions do not generally incur resistance from planning permission committees since they are usually classed as permitted development, provided that you follow certain regulations and expectations. For example, extensions should not be wider than half the width of your house or more than 4 metres tall. Side return extensions are usually much more compact than this.

An extension to your kitchen can open up the possibility for a utility room, extra bathroom, more storage or other options. These can be great choices if your kitchen is already fairly big but, as is common in older houses, does not have much storage. It can also drive up the value of your property in the case of a low bedroom-to-bathroom ratio.

When considering a side-return extension, you should also bear in mind any loss of natural light, since you may be blocking off windows in your kitchen. A popular solution for this is to install a roof light or a partially glazed roof to keep your space bright and airy.  

Split A House Into Flats

In urban areas such as London with a high demand for flats, converting a larger house into flats is a popular option. Flats are usually easier to rent out, meaning that they can increase the value added to your home as well as your potential rental income in the short term and boost your overall sale profit in the long run. This can be a costly process due renovations of the interior and, in the case of multiple 1-bedroom or studio flats, the installation bathrooms and kitchens. To make sure that this is the best choice for you, it is always a good idea to check beforehand on real estate sites and with local agents that there is a demand for flats in your area.

From small tweaks to large-scale projects, these home improvements can make a real difference to the value of your home.   

We have extensive experience in the planning and executing renovations and extensions as well as refurbishments. Our extensive case studies of successful conversions to homes in the London area can be seen on our website. If you’re looking to add value to your home in 2022, contact us for the expertise you need to transform your property.